God Appointed Change

Recently, I was very discouraged with my work, and a good friend of mine said to me, “If you were your own life coach, what would you tell yourself?” And I said, “Get a new job.”

Horrible advice!

When you are discouraged in your work, that is not reason enough to look for a new job. You first need to understand what it is that you are discouraged about, and ask yourself, “Do I have the ability to change anything about this circumstance?” Once you have asked and answered this question, then and only then should you consider if now is the time to pursue a new job. The fact of that matter is that the very circumstance that is bringing you discouragement might just be an obstacle that the Good Lord has placed in your way so that you learn to look to Him and press into Him for the strength to overcome.  And until you do, He will keep this obstacle before you.  Looking for a new job will only add to your discouragement.

Is the change you seek a God appointed change? Or are you simply looking to escape pain and discouragement?  These questions demand answers before you embark on a search for a new job.

The Bible tells of a group of people who faced discouragement in the work that they did. They were the exiled people of Israel, and through circumstances, ordained by God, some of them were sent back to Israel to rebuild the walls of their city.  Many came against them, and mocked them.  Still they pressed on, for this was their God appointed change.

There was one man in particular named Baruch, who worked differently than the rest.  The Bible tells us that Baruch “zealously repaired another section” of the wall.  (Nehemiah 3:20)

I think in the midst of discouragement, rather than falling away or looking for a way out, many times, we need to press into the Lord and work zealously, so that we can put the discouraging obstacle behind us, in order to move on to what the Lord has planned for us.

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