Do you hear the Father calling?

Do you hear the Father calling?  He is quietly calling out to this generation, and His message for His children has not changed….

Do not fear.  My child, I love you.  You are My prized possession, why do you think otherwise?  Do not be deceived.  As a father disciplines the son he loves how much more do I bring discipline into your life?  I am refining you My child.  As pure gold and precious silver, I am refining you.

Do not seek to escape the refiner’s fire.  Do not seek to find an easy path.  I have brought you into the fire and through the fire I intend to take you.  There will be seasons of pressure, but I am with you, and I give you rest in the midst of the pressure.  You must rest in Me every moment of every day.  I am with you!

I have not given you a Spirit of fear, so do not be afraid.  I am with you.  I go before you and I come behind.  I am to the left and to the right.  I am always with you and I love you.  My child, I love you more than you can know.  My love for you is deep and wide and nothing can separate you from My love.

Do you hear the Father calling?  He is calling.  Stop for a moment today and listen.  Stop for a moment every day and listen.  Oh how He loves you!  Quiet your heart, be still and tell Him, “Lord, your servant is listening.”   And listen, for He is calling.



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