Even at Low Tide, the Ocean is Full

We must not be disappointed if the tides are not always equally high. Even at low tide the ocean is just as full. – A. B. Simpson

I have often wondered why the Lord leads his children to dry places in life…places where it seems that the Lord has somehow taken a part of Himself from us, as if that were possible. It is in these times that our hearts are most tempted with discouragement, our faith most tempted with doubt, and our eyes most tempted to tell our feet where to walk. When these times come, we must remember that the fullness of the Lord is always with us, and we are meant to continually turn to Him.

Even at low tide, the ocean is full.  We are not always called to mount on wings like eagles, nor are we always called to run. There are days when we are simply called to walk. Remember that no matter what season of life the good Lord leads you in to, if you have made Him Lord of your life, at all times His fullness is with you. He never leaves you nor forsakes you. So while emotions may be low, and there are few hints of the warm excitement of the Holy Spirit stirring the heart, still His fullness is in you, and He is whispering, “I love you my child. Why are you so downcast? I love you. Walk with Me…just walk with Me.”

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