Divine Appointment

600 years before Jesus was born, a teenage boy from a noble family was taken from his home in Israel and brought into exile in a land called Babylon. Daniel was an intelligent and handsome young man, and so he was trained in the language and culture of Babylon that he might serve the king of Babylon. But God had a bigger plan, a greater purpose for Daniel. Daniel’s new position in the kingdom of Babylon was a divine appointment.

After Daniel had completed his Babylonian training, the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar had dreams so intense, they shook him to the core, and he could not sleep. He summoned the magicians, sorcerers, and astrologers to interpret one of the dreams. To be sure the interpretation was correct, Nebuchadnezzar would not share the details of the dream. Of course, his expectation was unreasonable, and the magicians did not have the magic, the sorcerers did not have the spells, and the astrologers could not read the stars to provide the king the answers he sought.

When the king’s “wise” men could not interpret the dream, he ordered all the wise men of Babylon to be executed. Young Daniel, though not given the opportunity to interpret the dream, was among the wise men and would soon be put to death. But God, gave Daniel poise, wisdom, and knowledge, and Daniel persuaded the king’s officer to allow him to speak with the king. When Daniel spoke with the king, he asked for some time to interpret the dream. Daniel used the time given by the king well. He went to his friends from Israel, also among the wise men, and they asked God to have mercy and to deliver them from death.

That night God revealed the mystery of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream to Daniel in a vision. The next day, Daniel interceded for the wise men of Babylon. He went to the executioner and said, “take me to the king, and I will interpret his dream.”

Daniel shared the interpretation of the dream with Nebuchadnezzar, and he fell at Daniel’s feet and said, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries.” And Nebuchadnezzar, the most powerful king in the world, made Daniel the ruler over the entire province of Babylon and he put the wise men of Babylon under Daniel’s charge. Daniel then raised his friends, who sought God for mercy with him, to the position of administrators within the province of Babylon.

While our own divine appointments may not be as grand as Daniel’s, we can learn a great deal from how Daniel responded. First, Daniel’s divine appoint was born out of hardship and was not of his own choosing. When difficult times come, it is natural to ask, “why is this happening?” Rarely do we ask, “Lord, what is your plan and purpose in this difficulty?” When we approach God with “why,” He gives Himself to heal our pain. When we approach God with “What is your plan and purpose,” we open ourselves to His guidance, and He leads us and guides according to His perfect plan and purpose for our lives.

Second, divine appointments are not based on age or experience. Scholars agree Daniel was in his mid-teens when exiled to Babylon. And before his twentieth birthday he faced execution for the failure of others. The old saying, “God will never give you more you can handle,” simply isn’t true. When God gives you a divine appointment, by His design, it will be bigger than you. The appointment will make you answer the question, “Do I really trust God with this?” I encourage you, when you find yourself in such a place, do as Daniel did. Surround yourself with Godly friends, get on your knees, trust God, and ask Him for help.

When you trust God, you will likely encounter the third element of divine appointments, resistance, both seen and unseen. Do not be surprised when it comes, but be prepared to respond with God given poise, wisdom, and knowledge. And continue to go to your inner circle of Godly friends for prayer support. The very fact that God has appointed you to something, means He expects you to lean on Him in the midst of what he has appointed you to.

Finally, and most importantly, every divine appointment you are given is given to ultimately bring glory to God. There will be earthly elements to be accomplished, for Daniel these included interpreting dreams, saving the lives of the wise men, and appointing his friends to positions of leadership, but ultimately the purpose of Daniel’s divine appoint was to bring the most powerful man in the world to his knees and give glory to God.

Everyone of us that calls Jesus Lord, has a divine appointment. We are called by Jesus, to go and make disciples. This is our first and most important divine appointment. Stop where you are and ask God to have mercy on you. Ask Him to reveal to you where, and to whom you should go. Ask Him to give you courage and strength to live this divine appointment every day, that you might bring glory to Himself alone.

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